Our Coffee is specially roasted for the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral by the California Importers. The coffee varieties are imported from several world regions: Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil (Brazilian Decaf).

Our specialty-grade Mexican coffee is a delicate, mild body, gentle sweetness and fruitiness. It rivals in complexity and sweetness to the Guatemalan coffee, offering subtle flavor and just a snap of acidity to a tasting experience.

This Mexican coffee comes from Chiapas, the southern most state of Mexico. Coffee is the biggest cash crop in Chiapas having been introduced in the mid-1800s from Guatemala. The flavor profile is that of milk chocolate and orange.

The Yirgacheffe consists of Ethiopian coffee beans from the town of Yirga Chef in southern Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is distinguishable by a sense of jasmine flower, bergamot and blueberry in aftertaste. The body of the coffee is not very strong, light to medium body, and acidity is mild and pleasant.

Known for its aromatic intensity, Kenya coffee is bright, medium to full bodied, possessing interesting fruity flavors, with hints of citrus and berries. It has a pleasant aroma with notes of cocoa. This Kenyan coffee hails from the region between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare range, and is generally considered to be like the champagne of coffee. Our high grade coffee from Kenya is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world.

Guatemalan Coffee is diverse, crisp acidity, lots of chocolate flavor notes and spice flavors, floral aromas, known to be sweet with a medium to full body. Some characterize Guatemalan coffees as having either a bittersweet cocoa taste or a sweet, milk chocolate taste, as well as notes of tamarind, dark chocolate and toffee. Some note a smoky element to the beans, as well.

Brazilian Decaf variety is a mild, well-balanced coffee from beans that have undergone decaffeination through the Swiss water process, an innovative, 100% chemical free process that removes the caffeine directly from the green coffee bean. The flavor profile is that of milk chocolate and brown sugar.

Custom roasted for the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral, the Church Blend is specialty-crafted to produce a complex overall flavor that cannot be produced by one single coffee varietal. It is derived from several coffee origins of the world. As each region offers a unique quality of richness of flavor, sense and strength, each coffee’s set of intrinsic characteristics is combined to yield a custom developed bouquet of quality and taste with a profile of dark chocolate, molasses and a hint of lemon and low acidity.

The Church Blend is our trademark of a refreshing, specialty developed coffee from around the world.

Try one or all five (5) of our select "Single Origin" varieties and see what flavors you can find for yourself!

As Herbal teas ("tisanes") do not naturally contain caffeine and are made with fresh or dried flowers, fruit, leaves, seeds or roots, we like to include them in our menu. Our selections of Chamomile and Peppermint Rose at the Logos Store are some of the most popular favorites, along with Black and Green premium quality teas.


The Coffee and Teas are blessed at the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

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