Tea for the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Los Angeles is assorted from several varieties of Herbal Teas (“tisanes”), Black and Green Teas. Herbal teas do not naturally contain caffeine and are made with fresh or dried flowers, fruit, leaves, seeds or roots. Our selections of Chamomile and Peppermint Rose at the Logos Store are some of the most popular favorites, along with Black and Green premium quality teas.

Black Tea


Keemun black tea is imported from Anhui Province, China from the region of Qimen (Keemun). While many are not familiar with the name of Keemun, it has been exported from China since the mid 19th century. It is most widely known as the major component of English Breakfast, though in lesser quantities today than previously due to the abundance of cheap Assam teas from India.

Green Tea

Celadon Pearl

Celadon Pearl comes from Zhejian Province, China. It’s harvested in the late spring and rolled the same as a traditional Gunpowder. Celadon Pearl is roasted for a longer period than most green teas, giving it a crisper flavor with a nutty, malted finish. Because these leaves are more mature than the early spring harvested green teas, the flavor profile is far more robust, likening it to a traditional Genmaicha.

Spring Maofeng

Picked in early spring, the Spring Maofeng green tea comes from Guizhou Province. The younger leaves give this tea a classic Chinese green tea flavor, crisp, clean, slightly vegetal, with a buttery mouth feel.

Herbal Tea

Peppermint Rose

The inspiration for the Peppermint Rose tea came from mint teas from Morocco that are sometimes served with a few drops of rose water. Excellent for the digestive health and equally delicious, this herbal tisane is served either hot or as iced tea for any time of the year.


Chamomile tea has a pleasant earthy and floral taste. It is well-known for its health benefits. The presence of flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, (often associated with antiseptic, antibacterial, or anti-inflammatory properties) and other powerful antioxidants in this tea have significant health benefits, relieving stress and boosting immune system. Chamomile’s daisy-like flowers brew a mild, honey-like infusion.

The tea is blessed at the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles.

Visit the Logos Cafe to try a cup of Tea for yourself after the Church Service.

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