• Foundations of Russian Orthodoxy

    Foundations of Russian Orthodoxy

    The publication by the Saint Vladimir's Seminary Press is the first publication in Russian of "Foundations of Russian Orthodoxy". The author of the book is Deacon of the Academy, Professor of Dogmatic Theology, protopresbyter Thomas Hopko. Thi…


  • Interpretation Of God's Prayer

    Interpretation Of God's Prayer

    Молитва Господня Святитель Иоанн Златоуст. О молитве "Отче наш" Святитель Феофан затворник. Истолкование молитвы "Отче наш" О Молитве Г…



  • John of Shanghai and San Francisco

    John of Shanghai and San Francisco

    This book is dedicated to a man, who made history as a Great Saint of the XX century, a Saint who saved souls of millions of Russian immigrants, thrown by the revolution out of Russia and scattered across the globe. The name of this man is John …


  • On Prayer

    On Prayer

    A christian life on earth - is a path to unity with Christ, to theosis and to rebirth for eternal life in Heaven. On this journey, it is difficult to be without a companion to rescue in the moments of hardship, when the world hears not our cries for…



  • Orthodox Prayer Book

    Orthodox Prayer Book

    This Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral prayer book compiles prayers essential for every day: morning and evening prayers, a rule for the Holy Communion, a Canon for the Holy Communion, Prayers for Holy Communion and Thanksgiving Prayers fo…



  • St. Genevieve: A Woman for all Ages

    St. Genevieve: A Woman for all Ages

    In St. Genevieve: A Woman for all Ages, Irene Rydelek takes the reader into the world of fifth-century Gaul, a time when the power and authority of Rome was waning and the nation that would become France was in an embryonic stage. The Christian Chur…


  • The Law of God

    The Law of God

    This book is a compilation of many ways leading a man to God. As many as there are people, there are ways to salvation. For each one of us, the Law of God will lead to a peaceful heaven of God's Kingdom. The Law of God - are Commandments, which are …



  • The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity

    The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity

    Since its first publication fifty years ago, Timothy Ware’s book has become established throughout the English-speaking world as the standard introduction to Eastern Christianity. In this fully revised and updated third edition he explains the Ort…



  • The Unknown Daniil. In Memory of Priest Daniil Sysoev.

    The Unknown Daniil. In Memory of Priest Daniil Sysoev.

    This book is in grateful memory of our contemporary, a renown missionary, to his blood truthful to Jesus Christ and Church, priest Daniil Sysoev, a widely known evangelist. A truly immaculate heart of Father Daniil and the depth of his love for God …




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